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What is a Trail Tree?  Many years ago, the people native to this area, navigated through the Mountains, using an elaborate system of trail markings. The trunks of oak trees were purposely bent to point in a given direction, indicating, food, water, safety, etc.  So, if you purchase land with one of these trees, please, do not cut it down, as it is a part of our local heritage.  For more information, read the book: "Indian Trail Trees" by: local author, Elaine Jordan. 

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In Loving Memory
Of our dear friend Elaine Jordan. 

She was a funny, spunky little lady. Although she endured great physical challenges she always kept a great attitude.  She was a very talented author and lecturer.  I know she will be honored through her legacy of the trail trees.  She will be greatly missed. 

March 31, 2009


Aimee on the trail to Toccoa Farm, over Turner Gap. Morganton, GA  

Same tree showing more detail. Nose points due West.

Peter Knob in Tennessee.
Perhaps a treasure tree?

Hwy.#515, Blue Ridge, near June Walker Chevrolet.(destroyed by development '07)

Birchwood Trails  Morganton, GA

New Hope Rd., behind the cemetery.  Morganton, GA 

Same tree.  Full view.

Cherry Log Mountain
Blue Ridge, GA

Elaine's Daughter, Nancy, 
Hwy. #411, Chatsworth, GA 

Hazelwood Subdivision
Lake Blue Ridge, GA
photo: Chris Berry

Aimee at Doublehead Gap Area, Dial, GA

Thomas Mountain
Morganton, GA


Thomas Mountain
Morganton, GA

Bankhead Natl. Forest, Northern Alabama, probably a boundary tree.

Very interesting grouping.
Big Creek area, Ellijay, GA
photo: Chris Berry

Elaine at "Trails End" Subdivision, Ellijay, GA

Elaine's Grandchildren

Elaine's friend Jude

Property Bordering
Camp Woodruff, Morganton, GA

Bill Hunter Mtn. off Squirrel Hunting Rd., Morganton, Ga  7/13/03 Nose points N.E. no deviation.

Same tree shown on left.  Aimee is pointing to the lash marks.

Timberwood, Blue Ridge, GA 11/06

University of Georgia

Wyatt at his neighbors in Morganton, GA (points to a spring).

Black Jack Mtn. off Dean Gap Rd., Union Co. GA nose due West 4/5/04

Black Jack Mtn. off Dean Gap Rd., Union Co. GA 4/5/04

Black Jack Mtn. off Dean Gap Rd., Union Co. GA 4/5/04

Loving Rd., Morganton, GA 4/5/04 nose due West

Maple Grove Rd., Morganton, GA (near Huff's Trout Pond) nose due West 4/5/04

In the area of Lebanon Rd. and Colwell Rd., Epworth, GA  10/05

Cadence Equestrian Community
Epworth, GA '06 (destroyed by development)

Cadence Equestrian Community
Epworth, GA '06

Cadence Equestrian Community
Epworth, GA '06

Weaver Creek Mountain
Blue Ridge, GA 11/06

Weaver Creek Mountain
 Blue Ridge, GA 11/06


Fort Mtn., Murray Co., GA 1/27/09 photo: J.C. Bickford

Chelsea, 2005, Greenville, SC
lat. -82.10340 long. 34.74751
photo: Peter Littlefield

Grady Hunt Rd., Morganton, GA 2009

Trail to Amicalola Falls, Dahlonega, GA 11/08

Benton, MO

Claire, MO

Turner Gap Rd, Morganton, GA (Morgan - "Trail Girl")

Morgan, MO Camden, MO All Photos from Missouri, Compliments of Robert Lawler, (pictured)

More Photos Coming Soon!